Straight Savages: The Zetas Cartel Dismember An Alive North Eastern Cartel Hit Man Limb For Limb Before Decapitating Him

Anytime your having a bad day just come back and watch this video and know it cant get much worse then this!

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  • Jammin Jimmy Moore

    I would comment on this but i don’t want anyone that glorifies this on my case so i will just say that in the end God will separate who is good and bad in everyone who kills for any reason when there time comes

  • Jessica Buttermore

    How do you cut off arms and legs with no blood at all?

    • Alex Andrés

      you just saw it.

  • Timothy J. Thurber

    walk it off bro…

  • Timothy J. Thurber

    Ouch!!! Walk it off bro, walk it off…