A No Bullshit 7 Min Tutorial on How To Make Your Own Adult Tube Site Right Now and Easily Make a Minimum of $1500 a Month #EntrepreneurShit

These are the kind of videos I like, no frills, just simplicity. He breaks down the steps step by step. I should have watched a video like this when I got started. To Break it down again i put the 7 steps below!
1) Get Your Own Domain Name (You Can Purchase Your Domain From any Big Domain Provider Such as Godaddy)
2) Purchase Web Hosting For Your Site (Web Host Just Store all Your Content) I personally suggest using this web host as they are completely uncensored and specialize in adult hosting >> http://bit.ly/2y0w4ME 
3) Install WordPress (Simple out the box wordpress site will get you going quickly, no special coding needed)
4) Add Google Analytics to your site (This will give you info on your visitors and their viewing habits..whats popular and what is not on your site)
5) Start posting videos. Major tube sites such as xvideos and redtube have embed codes that will allow you to post them directly into your wordpress website. Spend less time downloading videos and more time posting content. 
6) Site Optimization – Download a plugin on your wordpress site such as Yoast to increase your sites discoverablity. Feed Google and search engines with lots of clear detail on the content you host. A SEO plugin will make your site easier for google to retrieve.
7) Now The Money Part$$$…Sign up for a free Publishers account on an adult advertising network such as Crakrevenue, Juicyads or plugrush and start generating pop up money. Use popups and popunders to start generating the most money right away from your current site traffic.

Best of Luck All…You Can Do it, If I can ,You Can TOO! – Jesse Owner BYF

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