Flagstaff Police Release Body Cam Footage From Fatal Shooting of Suspect

The Flagstaff Police Department shot and killed a white male after the suspect pointed a firearm at a victim and officers at the 700 block of West Coconino Ave. On February 9, 2018 at 8:52 PM a victim contacted the police department and informed them she had been confronted by a white male with a firearm at the 700 block of West Coconino Ave. Officers immediately responded and located a suspect matching the description the victim had provided. Police officers repeatedly demanded the man drop the firearm and not to wave it around or point it at anyone. After several minutes of the officers giving commands and the suspect failing to comply, Officers discharged their weapons and the suspect fell. After rendering medical-aid the suspect was pronounced deceased on scene. No officers or other bystanders were injured in this incident. This incident was captured on audio and video recordings which may be released after evaluation of the recordings and redaction of any information which would violate any individual’s privacy rights or details that could damage the investigation or prosecution of the case.

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