Inside The Brutal Fight That’s Left The Central African Republic In Chaos

About 2.5 million people, or over half the population, in the Central African Republic depend on humanitarian aid to survive. The widespread need stems from a long-standing war between Christians and Muslims that’s morphed into a brutal power struggle for the country’s many natural resources.

Right now, three-fourths of CAR is in the hands of at least 14 armed groups. They support themselves through indiscriminate stealing and killing, especially within the country’s crucial cattle industry.

“It’s unbearable,” said Garba Abakar Djobia, a cattle herder in Bangui, CAR’s capital and largest city, which the government barely controls. “They kill to take the cows. Children, women, and men are all killed.”

Oxfam and other aid groups do what they can. But in one camp in Bria with more than 40,000 displaced persons, for example, they only manage to deliver two-thirds of the resources deemed essential.

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