BYF Goals, Rant and General Shit Bout our Comeback

Hey byf fam its Jesse. Bro I been off my game for almost 6months! Not gonna lie I have been going thru struggle after struggle. My life got super hectic around last winter with court cases and family drama. I fell back into addiction and started abusing drugs and drank too much. Sobered up and I am here to let you know I am on the comeback now.


I’ve straightened out alot of the b.s. got my Shit together better now and am 100% ready to make this comeback! For starters we are fixing the user upload section. Thousands upon Thousands of spam messages were posted thru the user upload feature causing me to give up on that part of the site for a good minute. We have figured out what the major issue was and corrected it. Now we are just in the process of deleting all those thousands of stupid links and hope to have the user upload feature back up and running in full effect next week.

We will increase our daily posting to include more fresh and brand new content! I use to try and find crazy viral videos before they went viral and post them. I am gonna get back on top of that to bring you the newest and best uncensored content.

At the same time as all of this we are expanding as well to new markets! Want to open the same concept of byf to other regions of the world! Gonna expand into India, U.K. and LATIN America. Bring the latest viral porn, news, violence and pretty girls from each of those regions…To make it more authentic many post will be in their native language. Videos posted to byf India, u.k. and Latin America won’t be shared to the front page as most front page visitors are from the U.S. and most the content won’t be relative to everyone!

Stick in there with me! I am on a mission to make this site a million times better! I will show you guys soon. We just broke 52Million Pageviews in under two years so we aren’t going anywhere but up with the right focus and determination!

More Videos to come take it easy Fam!

Jesse Tillman

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